About Us

The Jjohns (pronounced ‘Johns’) are a four piece indie/rock band formed of brothers Mik (vocals, guitar), Dom Dunning (vocals, guitar), Bernard Dunning (bass) and Sam Burkett (drums).

The band’s sound, laced with harmonies and electric acoustic melodies, is highly influenced by the Mersey-beat era and Liverpudlian bands such as The La’s, Cast, Gerry and the Pacemakers and The Beatles. Other influential musicians include the Bee Gee’s, The Everly brothers and Buddy Holly: all of whom are all obvious when listening to the bands mixed style of old rock and roll and new Mersey-beat.

The Jjohns released a four-track EP, ‘Stone Across My Cave’, in November 2016, shortly followed by a music video for their single of the same name.


“The Jjohns always play a brilliant set, with their Merseybeat sound they have heavy influences from that of The La’s, The Beatles and Oasis, but they always put their own original twist on it.” – Getintothis on Threshold Festival

“The Dunnings are one drunken onstage barney away from being iconic” – The Pentatonic

“Together, the Jjohns are bringing the Liverpool sound to you wherever you are, the sound that reminds you more of the vintage vibe of The Beatles rather than the rowdy stigma the city is often lumped with.” – Millie Finn, KettleMag